While managing COVID19 crisis, the information ecosystem has become an integral area to critically pay attention to with the declaration of the World Health Organization (W.H.O) that false information is “spreading faster than the virus”. It is therefore imperative in this period that people get accurate, relevant and useful information. Hence, we bring to you Coin Media Guide 2020 as we celebrate World Press freedom 2020 with the theme: ‘Combating Media Infodemic’.

Coin Media Guide is packed with workshops and panel session to be facilitated by professionals and academia in communication and journalism to help advance with skills in digital media literacy, reporting, and how to curtail the evil of fake news and other elements of information disorder.

Day 1: 12th May 2020.  Launching and workshop

Keynote – Dr Ifeoma Therasa Amobi. Dept of Mass Communication, UNILAG

Workshop on ‘Practising professional journalism in the era of media proliferation and informational pollution.’ – Dr Lambe Kayode Mustapha

Day 2 – 14th May 2020: Panel session by young African journalists.

Practising journalism in Africa in the era of Information pollution: challenges and some possible ways out.

Day 3 – 16th May 2020 : Workshop

Combating information disorder: identifying fake news. Sam Ejiwunmi (Unilag) and Mustapha Muh. Jamiu (RUDN University)

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