“The picture of the society we are living in is a total reflection of the minds of people living in it. Once it is developed, the total liberation of that society is guaranteed”.

The above quote shows the reason why the current paradigm of development insists on human development, as opposed to the one-dimensional concentration on infrastructure building. This is because it is people who manage infrastructure and not the other way round.
Coin Consults believes Africans need re-orientation on self-reliance, entrepreneurship, self-realization, and ability to think of how they can be useful to their society regardless of their career or level of education. This belief is not borne out of wishful thinking but out of the present predicament of Africa as a continent. It is glaring that most governments in Africa are not developmental in nature but we need not point fingers at our leaders because these people emerged out of us. We Africans are the leaders and followers on our continent and our continent is not developed because our minds are not developed. When you look at our institutions ranging from political to educational institutions, you will agree with us that the major way out of our present predicament in Africa is to join hands together and support initiatives targeting building the minds of people.
At Coin Consults, therefore, we are ‘building Africans minds for a better Africa’ and we are leading by example through our various programs and activities.